Our website is finally UP!!

We are so proud to introduce our beautiful, award winning Bus to the world!!  The Genie Bottle has become like a family member to us.  Parked just off our front porch steps, The Genie Bottle is an extension of our home.  We sleep in once a week (yes, in our driveway).  Our granddaughter, Jabu  learned to walk  holding onto the inside. She’s nine now and The Genie Bottle has even gone to Show & Tell twice!  We have decorated The Genie Bottle with lights at Christmas.  We  decorate it for Halloween and hand out candy to the neighborhood kids out of the back hatch.  We will be posting tons of photos.  More later…

We are heading for a VW Bus Show soon, and we will post photos when we get back!

Please let me know your reaction to our unique VW Bus, The Genie Bottle!

-mark & nancy